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Though the digital switchover has been coming for quite some time now, many people are only just thinking about updating their aerial installations. Many Cambridge residents fall into this category.

At the TV Aerial Company, our team of expert engineers are helping ensure that nobody loses their signal come the switch off the analogue signal in 2012.

Digital TV Aerials

Through recent years, TV viewing and the way it is viewed has undergone a significant change. The most notable thing has been the large increase in the numbers of channels of course. With this, has come the ability to receive radio too; thanks primarily to digital TV aerials. Cambridge and Cambridgeshire households can get a lot more than this though.

With the most up to date packages, households can benefit from a fully interactive experience, controlling what they watch and how they watch it. Key to this is ensuring the best satellite and TV aerial installation in Cambridge is carried out every time.

It is for this reason that at the TV Aerial Company, we demand that those providing our aerial services in Cambridge have at least five years experience. In ensuring this, we deliver the results to match the quality of modern day TV.

Freeview TV

A Freeview aerial installation is Cambridge's easiest way to get started on the digital revolution. A quick and easy set up, with no monthly fee, it allows instant access to a world of new TV channels as well as all the old favourites. The only time taken will be deciding which set top box or integrated TV to go for.

Alongside this wealth of entertainment, come a few excellent additional features too. Quickly accepted as a norm, the on screen TV guides (or EPGs) are all present and correct. Further up the scale, many afford one touch recording to hard disk too.

Freesat Installation

For those looking to step up a level, households would do well to consider a Freesat installation. Cambridge residents having this are immediately able to tap into the world of High Definition programming, and kick back and enjoy the improved pictures and sounds this provides. Once again, after an initial payment, no monthly fees are needed.

Despite the low cost, those enjoying Freesat can have more than one hundred channels of excellent TV and radio entertainment. The EPGs are there of course, whilst many also allow for recording and live TV pause facilities.

Sky Digital TV Across Cambridgeshire

For the full package, Sky Digital in Cambridge has it all. The first with all the market leading trends, they were the first to deliver both HDTV and the increasingly exciting world of 3DTV. Watching TV has never been so realistic.

To get the best from the excellent Sky packages available, our satellite and aerial fitters throughout Cambridge have the knowledge to ensure the best signal is received. Backed up with all the latest equipment too, the complete range of interactive services such Sky Anytime, Sky Box Office and the like are assured.


Having gotten the signal perfect for you, our aerial fitters in Cambridge and around Cambridgeshire can ensure the fun can be enjoyed throughout the home, with no need for extra boxes. With multiroom technology, households can enjoy watching different channels in different rooms at the same time.

Whether using Sky or Freeview, this can be arranged with minimal fuss and delay. Of course, it will mean that there will be a reduction in the number of arguments over the remote control, but at the TV Aerial Company, we're sure you can live with that.

European & Motorised Satellites

For those wanting even more, or perhaps for families coming from overseas, having a satellite able to pick up signals from across the world is required. Our engineers are fully trained in installing these too, ensuring that all can be easily controlled through the remote.

No matter where in Europe, or perhaps from further afield, a channel is required, with expert installation we ensure the satellites are positioned exactly right. A complex system however, it is important to call the experts for this.

TV Wall Mounting Service

Modern day flat screen plasma TVs and LCD TVS look great no matter what; adding style to any room. To really complete the look however, having them wall mounted gives a professional and refined quality to a room.

Getting a TV on a wall may sound straight forward of course, but it is far from this. Once again, our aerial fitters in Cambridge have the requisite skills to install these safely and securely. Able to hide the wires well too, we ensure a stylish look is achieved.

Aerial & Satellite Repairs

Our same day installation of satellite and aerials in Cambridgeshire are not our only service however, our same day service and free estimates extends to a full range of satellite and aerial repairs across Cambridge too, ensuring that the latest episodes or sporting events are not missed.

No matter what work you need doing with your TV aerials in Cambridge, the TV Aerial Company are here to help. Fully trained and, CRB checked for your complete assurance, our expertise allows you to enjoy all that digital TV has in store.

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