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Satellite and Aerial Services in Cheadle, Staffordshire

When it comes to satellite and digital TV aerials in Cheadle the TV Aerial Company are the buys to call. We supply a wide range of aerial services throughout Cheadle including the installation of Freesat, Freeview, European satellite and TV aerials. Cheadle residents can rely on our fast and reliable service with trained CRB checked aerial fitters throughout the Cheadle region.

Digital TV Aerials

If you are looking for a company providing the installation of aerials or aerial repairs in Cheadle call us as we may be able to provide a same day installation. We offer a large range of aerials in Cheadle and the Staffordshire region, including DAT 45 and 75 along with Super Range.

It does not matter which area of Cheadle you live in we can supply you with an aerial to provide you with a clear picture.

Freeview TV

Freeview TV is a great option if you want to be able to choose from around seventy channels. We supply Freeview aerial installation throughout Cheadle and other Staffordshire areas, and residents have the security of knowing that all of our aerials installers throughout Cheadle have a minimum of five years experience.

When you choose Freeview aerial installation in Cheadle you do have to decide what type of set top box you want. There is the standard box, HD or Plus systems to choose from. If you have an HD TV then the high definition box will provide you with channels in HD while the Plus system is very handy for those who want to record, pause and even rewind live TV. Call us today and ask for advice and information on TV aerial installation. We provide all the information you need to choose the most suitable Freeview digital TV aerials in Cheadle for your home.

Freesat installation

Another option for watching superb digital TV is with Freesat installation in Cheadle. With this type of system residents can choose from any of the 150 channels that are currently available with more being added. If you have HD TV and want to access the free HD channels then residents can choose HD aerial installations in Cheadle. Call us today and we might be able to offer you a same day service.

Sky Digital TV

Sky Digital is an option you may wish to consider if you want to be able to get a broader range of channels. We provide Sky Digital in Cheadle for customers who choose their own package just as they would if going to Sky for the installation.

When considering this type of installation residents need to decide whether they want the HD installation, the standard or the Sky Plus set top box. With the Plus system it is easy to record to the hard drive that is built into the system. All that residents have to do is push a single button and they can even record an entire TV series.

Multiroom TV

Multiroom TV from Sky is an excellent way for all the family to be able to watch what they want whenever they want without having to have more than one Sky dish installed. Anyone considering the installation of Sky Digital in Cheadle who has a family may wish to give multiroom some thought. Call us if you want to know more about this option or if you want to book an installation.

European & Motorised Satellite Systems

Another option for watching digital TV is by installing European or motorised satellite systems. With these types of system residents can choose from a variety of channels from countries such as France, Spain and Germany along with many others. This is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to watch foreign channels along with sports and programmes in their own language.

Our Staffordshire aerial fitters throughout Cheadle can provide residents with the latest systems and tailor the satellite system to meet the needs of the individual. Give us a call and talk to one our trained experts in European and motorised systems.

Aerial and Satellite Repairs

We provide a huge range of aerial services throughout Cheadle and one of these services happens to be aerial repairs. Cheadle residents who are suffering a poor picture quality due to a broken satellite system or aerial can contact us and we may even be able to come to your home on the same day.

We provide a full diagnostic service and health check and then carry out repairs to ensure that you get your picture back. It may be that your aerial or satellite has become misaligned, if so we could realign it and have your picture back to normal very quickly.

TV Wall Mounting Service

Finally residents may wish to give some thought to our TV wall mounting service. This service would allow you to get your Plasma, LCD or LED screen onto the wall on a special bracket and with the minimum of fuss. We supply all the equipment that is needed whether you choose this as standalone service or you choose to have Freesat, Sky Digital or a Freeview aerial installation in the Cheadle region. Call us today to book your service or to get free advice and information on any of our services.

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