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Digital TV Aerials

Lowestoft television viewers thinking about preparing themselves for 2012's digital switchover need think no further than contacting us, at the TV Aerial Company. They can then sit back, stress free and let us do the work. We have the expertise to identify if we can get residents digitally compliant with easy upgrades to the aerials they have at their premises. If not, we can cost effectively and professionally carry our new digital TV aerial installation for them. Lowestoft jobs are serviced by local teams of aerial installers. Our Lowestoft engineers have specific knowledge of the area and are on same day callout to cater to our customers' viewing needs.

Freeview TV

When going digital is on the agenda, viewers might want to consider a step up from simply digital TV aerials. If so, Lowestoft residents might find the 80 television stations available with Freeview, plus its post installation free viewing fulfills their criteria. Our aerial installers provide Lowestoft and other Suffolk customers with Freeview reception sometimes even same day, just as we try to do with all of our services besides Freeview aerial installation. If the Lowestoft premises we work at already have aerials that can be upgraded for Freeview reception rather than replaced, we will do so, or provide new aerials if not.

Freesat Installation

With Freesat, Lowestoft viewers are guaranteed to have their expectations not only met, but exceeded. Each of Freesat's three current packages is becoming increasingly popular amongst the vast range of satellite and aerial installations we provide. Lowestoft customers cannot be blamed for being tempted by the 140 television stations available with Freesat and its free viewing post installation. For these reasons, many consider Freesat SD, HD and HDR or PVR to be new modern alternatives to Sky Digital. Lowestoft's Freesat users can prioritise their requirements for digital compliancy, high definition viewing and recording and select the most suitable package accordingly.

Sky Digital TV

Unlike Freeview aerial installation, Lowestoft viewers opting for any package from Sky's comprehensive portfolio will not be serviced with aerial equipment by our satellite and aerial fitters. Instead, Lowestoft's Sky customers will undergo external satellite dish installations, which we deliver equally as expertly as any aerial jobs. Sky offers a broader package selection than that available with Freesat installation. Lowestoft residents might similarly base their decisions on their priority requirements, such as digital compliancy, high definition viewing and recording. When selecting either HD, Multiroom, Sky+, Anytime or Freesat, they might also consider their budgets, as some Sky packages do not offer free viewing post installation.

Multiroom TV

Arguments about television viewing can naturally flare up when multiple viewers under one roof have varying viewing preferences and requirements. If this becomes an issue, it is promptly and proficiently resolved with the help of our satellite and aerial services. Lowestoft educational, business or residential premises can receive independent multiple viewing without the use of aerials thanks to Sky Multiroom. When our Lowestoft engineers carry out Multiroom fits outs, they do so by installing satellite dishes outside which partner with satellite receiver boxers inside, in each viewing room. If any problems whatsoever are experienced by Multiroom customers post installation, our satellite and aerial repairs mean Lowestoft residents receive urgent attention.

European & Motorised Satellites

The ability of our satellite and TV aerial installation experts in Lowestoft and other Suffolk regions to provide not only European, but worldwide viewing, can be evolutionary for residents with such requirements. As all international installations are facilitated by fixed or motorised satellite dishes, neither category of job utilises TV aerials. When Lowestoft viewers undergo their free initial consultations with us, they are required to specify the countries of their choices. Armed with this information, our overseas satellite and aerial installations specialists provide Lowestoft's European and global customers with the relevant satellite systems to receive their television station choices.

TV Wall Mounting Service

The work of our satellite and aerial fitters who provide Lowestoft residents with installations sometimes entails more than simply satellite and aerial services. Lowestoft customers are also offered free television wall mounting to complete their new installation jobs. Furthermore, our engineers will not leave viewers in the lurch if they have viewing apparatus that needs tuning in with their installations and televisions. For example, if we supply a user with a Sky Digital system in Lowestoft, we ensure that their satellite dish, television and Sky box are all communicating effectively. We take care of the both the outsides and insides of jobs, plus the bits that come in between.

Aerial & Satellite Repairs

Our satellite and aerial repairs service in Lowestoft and other Suffolk areas is one that we hope neither new or repeat customers will have too many occasions to need. However, if and when they do, we offer the same one day callout as we do with new installations. Whether viewers have systems that involve satellite dishes or aerials, our Lowestoft engineers pinpoint whether problems are apparatus or reception related. It is our utmost priority to ensure that viewing is interrupted for only the shortest possible intervals, that viewing is restored and satellite dishes or TV aerial fully operational. Lowestoft residents can rely on us to be there when their needs are greatest.

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