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At the TV Aerial Company, we are committed to providing aerial installations in Weymouth and throughout Dorset which are ready for the digital switchover. As the analogue signal gets switched off up until 2012, all households need to ensure they can continue enjoying their TV Viewing.

Proud to have teams of experienced satellite fitters and aerial installers throughout Weymouth, we are able to offer a same day service for those unsure whether their home is ready.

Digital TV Aerials

Homes that have older aerials across Weymouth will most likely not have had any issues with viewing TV up until now, and will not need much work completed. However, whilst there is no such thing as special digital TV aerials, Weymouth homes will need their existing installations checked out.

As well as guaranteeing the TV that is presently enjoyed will continue to be received, correctly installed TV aerials in Weymouth will allow for more channels, and access to radio entertainment too. With the ability to take control of the viewing too, there are many more benefits besides which can all be discussed by our teams.

Freeview TV

For many homes, the simplest and most affordable option will be the best. With a Freeview aerial installation, Weymouth and all across Dorset will be able to continue watching all terrestrial programming, and enjoy about 70 channels extra, but there is more than this.

A basic package will provide an on screen TV guide, (an EPG), whilst a Freeview+ package will allow instant recording with a PVR. There are also options which allow for superb High Definition (HDTV) programming to be enjoyed, as long as a compatible TV is also owned.

Freesat Installation

The next option which can be chosen is a Freesat installation. Weymouth homes choosing to go for this will be able to get everything that Freeview offers, but with anything up to double the number of channels, whilst HDTV from BBC and ITV also comes as standard.

With a Freesat+ TV aerial installation, Weymouth homes will also have a PVR, allowing for TV to be viewed when it suits. There is also the ability to access interactive platforms including internet TV services. With both Freesat and Freeview, all this is possible with nothing more than a one off payment.

Sky Digital TV

To really embrace the direction that digital TV is headed, there is arguably nothing better than Sky Digital. Weymouth homes deciding to go for this paid for option will get the best from the subscription free services such as HDTV, EPGs and PVRs, and a good deal more besides.

Sky Digital offer packages which can be ideally tailored for each household, according to viewing requirements and cost. With the very best in sports entertainment and movies, they also bring the very latest shows from the US first. An amazing array of on demand services can also be enjoyed, whilst they are the only provider regularly broadcasting shows in amazing 3D.

European & motorised satellites

For even more to enjoy, the TV Aerial company are also able to help homes enjoy shows from throughout the world with a motorised satellite installation. Direct from Europe to the homes of Dorset, it is ideal for those having an interest in the world at large and shows not otherwise available in the UK.

A professional fitting is vital to ensure these systems work to their optimum level, and it is here that we really excel. Once set up and running, selecting which one of the myriad of channels offered is as simple as using a regular remote control.


No matter which TV option is offered, our teams of satellite and aerial fitters in Weymouth can also open up TV viewing to the entire household. A multiroom package allows TV to be enjoyed everywhere, allowing for complete freedom for all.

For many people it could be the ideal solution. For families with kids it can cut down on those weekly arguments as programmes clash, whilst couples enjoying different things could also get real benefits from what is offered.

TV Wall Mounting Service

Another great option for a home to maximise its TV viewing pleasure is to mount their new slimline TV to the wall. It allows for everyone to get a great view of the screen, whilst a sleek and stylish finish can be achieved.

Our teams are also able to help with this, ensuring that screens are put up and stay up, whilst all the wiring can be tidied away to ensure everything looks clean. It really does help increase the whole home entertainment package.

Aerial & Satellite Repairs

From time to time, things will inevitably go wrong and, being left without a TV is never much fun. At the TV Aerial Company, we can deliver same day satellite and aerial repairs in Weymouth and across Dorset wherever possible, putting you back in the picture quickly.

No matter which TV, satellite and aerial services Weymouth residents are in need of, we can help. With staff that are CRB checked and trained to the highest of standards, we're confident you will be happy with our work.

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